Manna for freeloaders

OFFICE workers and Northbridge locals have been scoffing free meals prepared for the homeless at Weld Square, leading to “tension” between the groups.

Manna Inc provides meals for the homeless and disadvantaged six days a week down at the square, but a May 2 Vincent council report stated “reports of office workers and locals accessing the free meals has increased”.

“…this has resulted in tension between those experiencing homelessness and those who do not fit this target group.”

The minutes suggested they “inform local businesses and worksites of Manna Inc’s purpose and discourage them from attending”.

Vincent council, which owns Weld Square and allows Manna Inc to operate there, has been getting quarterly updates on the situation following a rash of complaints from nearby residents and businesses who said Manna’s patrons were causing trouble, shouting, fighting and threatening neighbours. But from December to March there were no reported complaints to Manna Inc, Nyoongar Outreach Services, or Vincent council rangers (though police stats weren’t provided).


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