Maylands Lakes busy bee

• Rebecca Ferguson, Geoff Trott, Catherine Ehrhardt, Margaret Landre and Eloise Ashton getting ready for the weekend’s busy bee at Maylands Lake. Photo by Steve Grant.

THE murky Maylands Lakes are getting a bit of TLC this weekend with a busy bee organised by the Friends of Maylands Lakes and Bayswater council.

Volunteers will help clean out debris from the stream that runs between the brickworks lake and Lake Bungana.

Local ward councillor Catherine Ehrhardt says the idea was born after chatting to local Margaret Landre about baby animals who are born in the brickworks lake, and eventually use the stream to swim down to Lake Bungana.

“There’s oblong turtles, cygnets, baby ducklings … they breed in the brickworks lake and then use that stream as a transit route to get to Lake Bungana,” Cr Ehrhardt says.

Volunteers plan to clean out the debris on Sunday and then next August they’ll head back to plant sedges, providing an extra layer of filtration for all the muck in the lake, but leaving it accessible to baby critters on their rite of passage to adulthood.

Along with helping out the lakes and animals, Cr Ehrhardt says “it’s also a community-building exercise.”

“They get a chance to get to know their neighbours and work together for a common cause and it gives them a better sense of ownership of the area.”

Last weekend Cr Ehrhardt was down at the Eighth Avenue busy bee where locals came down to pick up litter, sweep the footpaths, plant flowers, and one trader even had to get out an angle grinder to sheer off old bubblegum stuck to the footpath.

“We ended up getting about 30 or 40 people who came down and helped on the day which was really great,” Cr Ehrhardt says.

“Even in the couple of days afterwards, other shop owners who’d seen the cleaning seemed to have taken more pride in the street, getting out there and cleaning off their tired old dusty windows.”

The lakes busy bee is on Sunday (May 7) from 9.30am to 11.30am and will meet at the Lake Bungana Playground on Maylands Peninsula.

All the info’s on the “Maylands Lakes Busy Bee – Brickworks Stream Facebook page”.


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