Letters: 13.5.17

Stand fast, Lisa
DOES WA’s capital city really want to step back a decade; even return to the 20th century?
There’s real and present danger of this happening were Perth lord mayor Lisa Scaffidi to bow to the cruel pressures that currently she’s looking in the eye.
Given such adversity, the fair minded among us can but trust that she finds strength in remembering the words of Sir Winston Churchill: never, never, never, never…
Perth is Mrs Scaffidi’s beloved home and castle.
Best we keep this in mind; we forget it at our peril.
Deep peace to all.
Bill Proude
First Avenue, Mt Lawley

Children are our future
HOW delicious: ‘An enigma wrapped inside a Bill’, (Voice letters, May 6, 2017).
Roald Dahl lives!
Perth Voice ought to swamped with youthful demands for elaboration.
If only the teaching of curiosity hadn’t been abandoned along with the three Rs
If only “Gonski” had become an alternative spelling for “history”.
These opinions from the perspective of an octogenarian apprenticeship (ending August) at a time when asking why seems to risk giving offence.
Of course, an editor is entitled to his secrets.
Viva Roald Dahl!
Charlie Benskin
Kingston Street, Nedlands

Da Doo Ron Ron
JUST when you think that the world is crazy enough, along comes the regular letter from Ron Willis.
Can we be given any hope of his retirement soon?
Jeremy Porteus
Learoyd Street, Mt Lawley

Get some starch
WHY the problem with plastic bags — please explain.
A few years ago I left a couple of plastic shopping bags in my suitcase after a trip overseas.
The next time I went to use my suitcase one of the bags had turned to white powder, while the other bag looked like the day I left it in there.
One was made of starch.
We are told that starch-based biodegradable bags are  expensive.
We use 30 million bags per year in WA alone.
The last Pacific survey of sea birds by Greenpeace found plastic in over 90 per cent of birds they captured.
The National Academy Of Science. stated in August 2010 that by 2050 all sea birds will have plastic in their gut. They mistake it for jellyfish.
If we made all the bags of starch they would obviously be cheaper; no one would complain but the oil companies.
It really does seems like a no brainer. Time for change no more excuses.
JJ Paterson
Wood Street, Fremantle 

Papal wisdom
I URGE world leaders to take the wise advice of Pope Francis and play a key role in settling the dispute between North Korea and US through mediation.
The Pope has rightly pointed out that if this conflict escalated to a war, a good part of humanity would be destroyed. Once war erupts, allies on both sides of the conflict would be forced in to a fully fledged nuclear war and there would be no other option left for perusal by any party.
Usman Mahmood
South Bowenfels

Facebook fury

OUR report on Perth office workers helping themselves to Manna Inc’s free meals for the homeless had readers furious on Facebook this week. Here’s a few of the messages we got:

Disgusting, I’d have no trouble voicing my opinion to these freeloaders that think it’s ok to essentially steal from people who need it most.
Kimberley Skinner

Manna Inc work tirelessly in a very quiet & industrious way to improve the lot of homeless folk.
Unless you are in close proximity to the park for about half an hour you would not notice their operation as the homeless move on quickly & quietly.
The pity of it is that a few greedy knuckleheads with the means to support themselves think it’s OK to impose themselves upon a charity that is already stretched to the limit.
Kathryn Hamilton

I’ve cooked on a couple of occasions at Manna, they do great work.
These local workers are stealing from the homeless.
Ian Ball

Absolute scum.
Take pics of the office workers, etc and post them.
Jason Outten

This is so painfully disgraceful.
Melanie Anastas

Head to http://www.facebook.com/perthvoice/ for the full discussion.

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