Pleased to meat you

THE redevelopment zone surrounding 140 William Street has been the catalyst for a swag of top lunch spots opening in the city.

My lunch buddy was a veggo, so we wandered along the street trying to pick an eatery that would keep us both happy, but the first advertisement I saw reawakened my caveman gene.

I wouldn’t normally take a vegetarian to a joint called Ribs & Burgers, but I was hypnotised by a photo of southern chicken, and knew if I didn’t try it I’d be dreaming about the good ol’ boys all night.


I’ll probably have to do penance at some raw food kale-fest place for this ooga booga outing, but Ribs had a token veggie section so my buddy traipsed inside.

I didn’t need to study the half dozen variations of beef burger to know what I wanted, going straight for the southern chicken burger ($14.90).

It’s great value and you get a huge slab of deep fried chicken (think KFC gone posh), spilling out either side of the bun, clad in a double serve of melting cheese.

Some greens and red onion add a refreshing crunch, and the chipotle pink sauce is bitey and sweet.

And yes, it looked like the picture.

I give this Boss Hogg dish ten out of ten and would definitely order it again.

There’s only one vegetarian burger on the menu, but it is not a half-assed “regular burger with the patty taken out”.

Instead, the veggie stack ($14.90) looks like half a farmer’s market was stuffed into a bun.

A big grilled field mushroom sits on a bed of lettuce, tomato and onion, and draped on top is a thick slab of perfectly cooked haloumi.

At the summit of the burger is a crunchy layer of onion rings, creating five different textures in a hearty feast.

They look after herbivores here, even if the selection did look limited at first, and you can have pretty much have any combo of salads and toppings on the veggie burger.

For sides we shared some sweet potato fries ($7.90) and they were top notch: crisp, sweet and not oily, there’s plenty to go around, and the accompanying aioli is fresh and tangy.

There are a few Ribs & Burgers over east and they’re doing well, but this is the first one in WA.

They’re bright, clean and fresh and a welcome alternative to the staid old bain maries and chancy food courts we had to pick from not that long ago.


Ribs & Burgers
Shop 24, 140 William Street, Perth
Sun-Thurs: 11am – 9:30pm
Fri-Sat: 11am – 10pm

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