Fifteen storey Leedy

A FIFTEEN storey building planned for Frame Court in Leederville is three times higher than council regulations permit.

The site’s owned by Bankwest and developer TPG has prepared a “Local Development Plan,” hoping it will persuade council that its five storey limit for the area is outdated.

TPG’s report says the 4,306sqm block is a prime site for more height because it’s close to Leederville Train Station, is in the heat of Leederville town centre, it’s near the Water Corporation offices (which is expected to be higher when redeveloped) and is right on Mitchell Freeway for easy traffic access.

Vincent mayor Emma Cole says they’ve had 15 submissions about the LDP, with eight objections.

She says the Leederville Masterplan and the more recently minted Built Form Policy state the area should be a maximum of five storeys, so any change would need justification.

Vincent council’s Design Advisory Committee has looked over the proposal and are keen to see more detail.

“The DAC has said they would really like to see how the LDP positively contributes to the locality,” Ms Cole says.

The DAC’s comments and submissions will now go back to the applicant to see if they’re open to changes, before going to council for the vote.

If the LDP is approved, that only sets a limit on paper, and any actual building on the site would still have to go through the usual council approval process.

TPG says the proposed development site is “not in proximity to any sensitive residential land uses” and it is confident that local heritage gems won’t be impacted as the nearest significant historical property — 62 Frame Court, currently the HQ youth centre, but formerly Cullity Timbers — is 40 metres away. The Frame Court building, circa 1954, is listed on Vincent council’s heritage inventory as “Category A: Conservation Essential”.


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