Town centre win

BAYSWATER and Maylands residents have been quick off the mark to secure a tranche of $29,000 “quick win” funds to help activate their town centres.

Bayswater council’s two new place managers recently held workshops with residents from Baysy, Maylands, Noranda and Morley, who helped develop a clear vision for their centres.

At the well-attended workshops, participants were told the council would provide up to $1000 in seed funding for community-led activities that energised their town centres.

Subsequently, the council reallocated $25,000 from its street festivals budget to get the ball rolling, concerned that if residents had to wait until the next budget cycle, they’d become disillusioned.

• Henry on Eighth owner Steve Lavell with Bayswater council place manager Emma Snow. File photo

Baysy and Maylands residents were quick to get their applications in, with funds now being recommended for an actor-led heritage tour of Baysy’s retail sector, a parklet, moveable speaker’s corner, pavement design competition, local artists exhibition, artwork around the Maylands Train Station, and hopscotch and colourful painting to delineate Whatley Avenue’s retail strip.

Noranda and Morley’s residents weren’t so inspired and council staff had to come up with some ideas for them.

Each town centre also has its own activation plan, which the place managers hope will eventually be superseded by ideas developed by grassroots organisations.

Bayswater’s plan prioritises improved streetscapes and traffic calming, including diverting the 400-odd trucks that roar through each day with a new right turn at Garrett Road for trucks travelling along Guildford Road.

A local events calendar is also proposed, along with reducing the red tape for events, including ditching a requirement for buskers to get permits.

Bert Wright Park would also become a “green heart” with community plantings, edible plants, lighting for night-time activities and trees throughout the park.

Maylands folk want a lush, green town centre with more street trees, flowers, parklets and “living” median strips.

They’d also like to see Eighth Avenue improved so it’s a public space rather than a thoroughfare for cars.Locals want it resurfaced and remarked in the short-term, and eventually narrowed and curbed to slow traffic, becoming one-way or a “pedestrian street”.


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