Million dollar salvo dies

SHIRLEY MORT, who spent 26 years collecting for charity on the Perth train station footbridge, has died aged 92.

Ms Mort raised more than $1.7million for the Salvation Army, rattling her tin into her 90s when she retired last year.

Perth lord mayor Lisa Scaffidi issued a public statement farewelling Ms Mort, however the council’s new rules effectively ban charity collectors from standing in the footbridge.

We asked Mrs Scaffidi if she was aware the city had made it impossible for anyone to continue her work. She told us she was, but “it’s a different era to when Shirley was in the upper concourse walkway and it’s necessary for us to ensure city visitors are not overly imposed upon by collectors particularly given the vast number of charities and needs”.

Mrs Scaffidi says a lot of charities are using other methods these days.

“Most registered charities have significant strategies in place that see corporate or individual donations possible via annual contribution or online methods,” she says.“The city is very considerate to many homeless charities and others can seek formal approval for collections on preset days,” adding it’s about finding a balance for all.


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