Meltham plan rejected

FOLLOWING a wave of community opposition Bayswater councillors have voted not to support the Meltham station precinct structure plan which allows bigger and denser buildings in the area.

However the council’s vote is only a recommendation and final approval rests with the WA Planning Commission.

The proposal was put forward by consultants WA Planning Solutions, on behalf of developer Pindan and land owners with substantial holdings in the area.

If approved the structure plan would allow high-density retail and six-storey apartment blocks along Whatley Crescent and Railway Parade, tapering to three- and four-storey apartments within a 400m radius of the train station.

• Bayswater locals opposed to the Meltham Station Precinct Structure Plan. File photo

Hundreds of submissions along with a score of deputations to Bayswater council had a common theme — six storeys is too high.

Several members of the Future Meltham residents group fighting the plan were happy with a modest level of development, but felt the proposed plan went too far.

Bayswater mayor Barry McKenna said “the fact that council received over 350 submissions from the community speaks volumes about the anxieties the proposed structure plan has generated.

“Council was concerned that the increase in density and scale of development would put the character, heritage and amenity of the area at risk.

“The lack of public open space and potential for significant traffic congestion were also areas that in our view had not been adequately addressed.”

The council’s resolution specified that if the WAPC approves the plan, it should be amended to include a reduction in building heights, more public open space and road intersection upgrades to ease traffic congestion.


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