LETTERS 27.5.17

Leftist cant
WE’VE heard it all before, Jasmine Kaslauskas (“Welcome to ‘Oz’”, Speaker’s Corner, Voice, May 20, 2017).
You are not thinking at all, merely spouting simplistic, wrong-headed negative and leftist cant, of which your grandfather might well be ashamed.
Two facts to add to your “thought process”: anyone who is born in a country is “indigenous” to that country.
It is both false and offensive to remark that the British “invaded” Australia.
Jasmine, your Speaker’s Corner raises only one question.
If, as you claim, Australians are so harsh in their attitude towards those you term “foreigners”, why do so many of these still wish to settle here?
Dr Pauline Farley
Studley Rd, Attadale

Keep politics out of council
I READ with interest, overwhelmed with total disgust, that some idiotic councillor at Bayswater, (“Baysy adopts equality support”, Voice, May 6, 2017) should have the temerity to place this disgusting issue [support for marriage quality] on the agenda at an open forum.
Social issues like this should best be left to highly paid politicians at the state or federal level.
The city council meetings are meant to discuss the ratepayers grievances on sanitation or beautification of the city, rather than allow would-be politicians to drum their ilk.
I, along with the rest of the 98 per cent, pay exorbitant rates to be so maligned by the two per cent, some of whom don’t live in the city.
Just consider this, if 98 per cent were gays, the human race will soon come to an end, unless humans can reproduce by vegetative propagation or amoebic bifurcation.
Many ratepayers in the past became councillors, went on to become mayors and on to state politics to become ministers, riding on the Labor bandwagon (one glaring example is pharmacist D’Orazio)
In this day and age one doesn’t have to legally marry to live together.
One can most certainly make a will or sign a memorandum of understanding, leaving one, estate or chattels to their partner, and march with gay abandon in the Gay and Lesbian Parade.
Ratepayers beware!
The menace that lurks in the portals of City of Bayswater.
Show your malaise one way or other (shove a pie in the face of the two per cent)
Frederick David.
Mayer Close, Norada

IT was packed to the rafters; well, just imagine rafters at the Perth Concert Hall on Wednesday afternoon (May 17).
By an audience of mainly middle-aged, retirees and seniors, drawn to see and hear a living legend.
Among these myself, attempting closure of a chase that began more than 60 years ago; a chase that began when besotted as only a teenager can become.
In the mid 1960s I regularly took a train from York to London, just hoping to catch a glimpse of a certain young lady or her salmon-coloured car.
Of course you’ve guessed by now who had won my heart —Petula Clark.
I bombarded her with fan mail and in response occasionally received a signed photo.
Petula inspired my first published letter. London’s TV Mirror paid me a guinea.
More than my weekly wage at that time.
I loitered for hours outside the BBC Lime Grove TV studios.
Until three weeks ago.
I penned another letter and, aided by a touch of typical magic from the lord mayor of Perth, Lisa Scaffidi, it worked.
We met.
The concert?
Bewitching and therapeutic.
Believe it, folks.
Dreams do come true.
Over the years when visiting London I’ve caught myself looking for salmon-coloured cars.
Even pictured them dangling from rafters.
Ron Willis
First Avenue, Mt Lawley

A private affair
I WAS amazed to read in the article (“Gonski and the private schools”, Education feature, Voice, May 13, 2017), the words “Perth Modern School declined to comment …”
Perth Modern School is and always has been a government public school and since its reinstatement as an academically selective school a decade ago, has built an enviable reputation for its success on many levels.
I suggest that no private school with the same reputation would be considering the changes proposed by the newly elected government, through its minister for education, for Perth Modern School.
Joyce Hardy
Tasman Street,
Mount Hawthorn

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