Smoke and mirrors

THE Irresistible may seem to have a cast of eight, but in reality there are only two actors on stage.

The play is part mystery, but there’s no mystery about actors Adriane Daff and Tim Watts, just a bit of smoke and mirrors to make it seem like there are more thespians involved.

“The toys we found and loved are radio mics and voice manipulation,” says director Zoe Pepper.

“It’s given us the opportunity to play with different characters.

“The ‘Adrianes’ talk to each other in the same scene.”

• Tim Watts and Adriane Daff in The Irresistible. Photo by David Collins

The play is a collaboration between Side Pony Productions and the Last Great Hunt.

Both production companies are based in Perth and have been for around for a decade, but The Irresistible is their first joint venture.

The play is an “unsettling” experience, exploring unconscious bias and the invisible assumptions we make about one another.

“This is the first time we have pushed ourselves to marry the visual aesthetic that Tim Watts’ work is known for, with the dark complex narratives that are hallmarks of Side Pony Productions,” Pepper says.

The Irresistible is at Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts from June 14 to 24.

Tickets at

Meanwhile, you can catch The Advisors at the State Theatre.

“When it’s all too hard, when love’s getting your down, when you wish you knew how to dispose of a body…who can you turn to when the chips are down?” is the play’s teaser.

The Advisors, produced by The Last Great Hunt, is on May 31 to June 10. Tickets at


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