Waldorf, but no salad

AS the dad of Steiner kids, I’m not allowed to have “me time” by sticking them in front of an iPad, and being crafty is obligatory (seriously, I got embroidery homework from my kids’ school).

So Sweet Remedy on Oxford Street seemed like a dream come true — I could hang out sipping excellent coffee and munching on sweet treats while the munchkins designed and then ate their own cupcake ($6 if you go for the vanilla, a bit more if the kids are more adventurous).

It’s probably not something you want to try just before lunch or bedtime given the sugar rush, but if you’re planning to shunt the kids off to the grandparents for the afternoon, it’s a great way to spend a morning.

There’s even an enclosed yard out the back with its own cubby and resident bunny, which you can hire out for a birthday or gain access to with a polite smile to owners, Chris and Sarah.

Sarah’s the baking queen, and while I’ve heard things can be a little hit and miss, I can report that on the day I was at Sweet Remedy the cupcakes were soft, moist and incredibly delicious.

The non-cakey menu’s not expansive, tending towards quick-and-easies, but I settled on a salmon and cream cheese bagel ($9) and was happy with the choice. The ingredients were fresh and the bagel soft and slightly sweet.

With a cupcake about to thicken my already syrupy blood, I thought I’d better stop by the juice bar for a tonic.

I couldn’t go past the berrylicious smoothie ($7.50)—blueberry (hmmm…), raspberry (well…), banana (hang on), and honey (ok, so the sugar-free idea’s out the window) churned up with milk.

Let’s face it, you don’t come to a place called Sweet Remedy for an alfalfa sandwich, do you?

So bring on the cupcake, a delicious red velvet love ($4.80), with the cake soft and light, and a vanilla/strawberry cream that wasn’t too sickly.


Sweet Remedy
255a Oxford St, Leederville
Monday-Friday, 7am-3pm
Saturday, 8am-3pm
9443 3912

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