Beatty’s bombing

VINCENT council has to spend around $400,000 on emergency building repairs at Beatty Park, just a year after the leisure centre’s $17 million upgrade.

In mid-December 2016 a huge chunk of render collapsed overnight, sending rubble crashing onto the eastern pool deck where spectators sit during the day.

Parts of the centre are new but some of the original 1962 material is “exhibiting signs of serious structural failure, which now urgently needed to be addressed,” says a Vincent staffer report.

“Maintenance of the Beatty Park grandstand and plant room has been both inadequate and uncoordinated over many decades, and has been characterised by reactive ad-hoc repairs or replacements at the point of failure,” leading to “signs of serious structural failure” in the grandstand and plant room, says the report.

• The base of some poles at Beatty Park Lesiure Centre were so corroded they had to be removed “in the interest of public safety”.

The $400,000 will be spent on demolishing the disused northern plant room, structurally reinforcing the main plant room and replacing rusty light poles.

Some poles were so badly corroded they have already been replaced, “in the interests of public safety”.

Vincent mayor Emma Cole told this week’s council meeting, “this is not a good news story…it’s very concerning”.

She said the renovations had delivered a modern gym at the front of the building but, “the historic section of Beatty Park hasn’t received the attention it needed”.

Ms Cole said the days of ad-hoc repairs at Beatty Park were over and they were putting into place a “proper, coordinated, evidence-based, long term asset management plan” to properly maintain the place. Beatty Park was built in 1962.


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