Trump’s wall up for Chatfield

DONALD TRUMP has blocked Perth Voice cartoonist Jason Chatfield on Twitter.

Mr Chatfield can no longer tweet the US president or read his tweets.

Unlike many celebrities, Mr Trump claims to manage his own Twitter account.

Chatfield says he was blocked after the president, “had been tweeting this slew of wacky, incomprehensible garbage ([some] of which he actually deleted himself) and capped it off with “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” in all caps.”

Chatfield tweeted back, “Don, are you drunk?”

The cartoonist joins a growing list of tweeters blocked by Trump, including novelist Stephen King, journalist Lauren Wolfe, and writer Bess Kalb (who’s not sure why she got banned, but it might be because she said, “Trump is the funniest example of why you should always be nice to the makeup lady”).

Chatfield explained that he had merely enquired whether Mr Trump was inebriated, “which led to me being blocked by the leader of the free world.”

The Perth Voice’s highest profile social media snub was when Perth lord mayor Lisa Scaffidi blocked this reporter on Facebook.


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