NAIDOC songstress

ARTIST JD Penangke will teach Nyoongar culture through song at NAIDOC Week.

This year’s NAIDOC theme is “Our Languages matter,” focusing on the role language plays in cultural history and the way it links Aboriginal people to the land through story and song.

Since colonisation, more than 100 distinct Aboriginal languages have died off.

Today only 120 languages are still spoken and a lot of those are at risk of being lost as the last remaining speakers are ageing.

• Artist JD Penangke is holding workshops at this year’s NAIDOC week. Photo supplied

JD Penangke—her artist name comes from her initials “Jade Doleman”, plus her skin name Penankge, which she inherited from her father’s line—is Whadjuk/Ballardong Nyoongar on her mother’s side, and Eastern Arrernte on her father’s side.

JD Penangke teaches Aboriginal culture through painting, song and dance.

At the workshop she’ll use song to teach about language, native animals, traditional gender roles and the traditional way of life.

The song workshop is for adults and at Vincent library on Friday July 7, 10am.

It’s free but you need to book at or call 9273 6090.

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