LETTERS 8.7.17

Charity success story
IT all started with a “general idea” from our dear Alphonsus—”organise a charity event with a target date.”
On my first day of class Janice, Lizzy and I got introduced to what would be our teammates for the weeks to come.
Rodrigo and Elleen presented the project and the team to us.
At this stage we only know that our goal is to raise more than the event organised the previous year, we will have a few children coming on the day to play, and we will be selling food to raise money.
The profits we will make will be donated to Save the Children Australia to help the children in Syria.
The event will be held on the school premises on June 14.
We have five weeks left.
All our brains combined to create a strategic plan to raise as much money as possible.
We go around to get some sponsors and get our cost as close to zero as we can. We create a fundraising website and we put some coin boxes on the shops around to collect more funds.
Because we feel like we are a great team we aim to raise $1500.
In order to promote the event, we get some posters and flyers printed as well as promoting the event on our school website and on Facebook.
It’s been a stressful couple of weeks but we are almost there and everything seems to be organised.
Our commercial cookery and diploma of hospitality students are more than ready to sell, in the most efficient way, the yummy dishes they will prepare.
Our Early Childhood education students have a bunch of activities organised to entertain the 30 children coming from two different childcare centres.
Our leadership and management classmates are pumped to help us raise more and get people to come over.
We have a contingency plan in case it rains.
We are all set.
One week before the event we are confident we will reach our target.
We hope it won’t rain but we are ready for every situation and we feel like it is going to be a great day.
The day is here, we are all here, we are all a bit nervous, it has been raining all night but the sky looks clear.
It’s going to be a good day.
Every team sets its area.
Everything is good, we all look great.
The children arrive, the customers arrive, everybody is happy, children are having fun on the bouncy castle and playing with our students.
The food is good; we sell out in an hour, we are victims of our success.
A week later, it is time to count how much we raised, how much profit we made. We feel very excited and proud when we realise that not only we have reached our goal, but we’ve past it.
We made more than $2000 profit.
We can’t even believe it.
On top of that Kingston College made a generous donation that allowed us to give a generous cheque of $2604 to Save the Children in Syria.
On behalf of our team, I would like to thank all the students of Kingston International College involved in this project for their help, time and commitment to make this event as great as it was.
I would also like to thank the people that came to the event, donate, sponsored, or just helped us in any way, it wouldn’t have been possible without you.
But also a big thank you to Alphonsus and Raj for being our mentors and be there for us to make sure this event didn’t fail.
You have been a great support: thanks for believing in us and for pushing us in the right direction.
I will finish this letter by saying a last thank you to all my team—Rodrigo, Janice, Josh, Edgar, Elleen, Pawel, Sonam and Lizzy—thank you for a frustrating, stressful but great time together, it was fun and I am proud of us.
Jen Thuillier, student of
Leadership and Management
Kingston International College


Congratulations, Jen Thuillier! Your heart-warming tale of fundraising for Save The Children has won our letter of the week competition and a $50 lunch voucher from The Terrace Hotel Restaurant, 237 St Georges Terrace.
Have a gander at the menu at http://www.terracehotelperth.com.au while you’re awaiting their call.
If you would like to be in the running for letter of the week, make sure you email us your ripper at news@perthvoice.com.

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