Summit stoush

PERTH council CEO Martin Mileham has hit back at suggestions they’ve neglected the east end of the city, saying the council’s pumped several millions into the area over the years.

Perth MP John Carey has been holding “City Summit” forums asking locals for suggestions to improve their area, and says a lot of locals he’d doorknocked in East Perth felt the area lacked vibrancy and offered little for tourists.

The PCC press release stated, “despite commentary to the contrary, the City of Perth has delivered more than $61 million in public infrastructure and activation in the East End since 2014”.

Mr Mileham said the city had a five-year plan for works in the area, including a $7m investment in the Wellington Square neighbourhood, a $1.4m overhaul of McLean Laneway, more CCTV around Wellington Square and other hotspots, street furniture and arty “urban interventions”.

• The Northbridge City Summit was so popular it had to be moved to the State Theatre Centre (above). Photo by Joanne Fotakis

Huge turnout

The city-wide “Urban Forest” plan had also prioritised East Perth as a hotspot , and the city will be working more closely with the private sector (which has been investing big in the East End—$2billion since 2008) so they can, “capitalise on this through streetscape enhancements, activation interventions on public and private land, marketing, branding and investment attraction.”

Meanwhile, the latest Perth “City Summit” has had another a huge turnout.

The Thursday June 27 meeting invited CBD and Northbridge residents/traders to share their ideas on how to improve their suburb.

So many people RSVPd they had to relocate the summit to a function room at the State Theatre Centre, but even that wasn’t big enough, with 130 people attending and spilling out into the foyer.

It was the third forum organised by Perth MP John Carey and the biggest yet, following recent meet-ups with East and West Perth locals.

The final forum bringing everyone together is on August 19.

You can RSVP on the “Perth City Summit” Facebook page or call John Carey’s office on 9227 8040.


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