Big blue rugs up

THE BIG Blue Head should be a little warmer this cold season, with guerilla knitters yarnbombing him some winter gear.

North Perth Knit Natter and Crochet were behind the yarning, and a lot of planning went into the giant knitwear that was slung over the sculpture outside Vincent council last weekend.

It started seven months ago when the group got in touch with then-mayor John Carey for support, then they got the thumbs up from the sculptor Ken Sealey, who was happy to have his work “Beseech” given some new duds.

• Some of the crocheters who made winter gear for the Big Blue Head. Photos

The group first assembled a pattern for his cowl out of newspaper and assembled it off site.

To make the beanie they reconstructed a replica of the head in one of the member’s loungerooms, mocking up his approximate size with pillows and doonas and sewing the squares together on the model head.

More than 30 members knitted squares for the project, some of them learning to crochet especially for this project.

It took more than a thousand hours to complete, with 453 squares and 40 triangles.

Some yarnbombers have included special squares with meaningful messages to their families.

• Rebecca Holly finds the rainbow square mum Sarah Russell knitted for her.

Most knitters were locals, but squares were contributed from interstate and as far away as Tennessee in the USA.

The group plans to leave the giant knitwear up for a while, then they’ll take the squares and recycle them into blankets for people in need or local cat and dog homes.

If you’re into knitting, nattering or crochet, the group meets every fortnight on Friday afternoons at Vincent library, where they catch up for a yarn and teach beginners new patterns.

The group’s got a Facebook page called “North Perth Knit, Natter and Crochet”.


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