Ruth’s water torture

DELAYS in replacing water pipes in and around Ruth Street in Perth’s inner city have resulted in traffic and parking chaos, claims local Rowland Benjamin.

He says workers arrived in mid-April to replace the 100-year-old cast iron piping in the street, but shortly after erecting fencing they left without finishing the job.

“Ruth Street is not the only street left in limbo,” with Brisbane Street and others nearby in the same predicament, Mr Benjamin claims.

He says it’s been “left virtually abandoned for nearly three months”, leading to parking chaos in the street.

“I don’t understand why they don’t complete one street before moving on to another.”

• Water Corp contractors were back on the job in Ruth Street soon after the Voice contacted the agency about delays. Photo by Steve Grant

The Voice contacted Water Corp about the hold up, and the next day Mr Benjamin reported workers had returned to the site.

Water Corp’s Mark Leathersich said workers had to go to Ruth Street in April to survey underground services like gas, power, phone lines and existing water connections.

“A number of factors delayed the schedule on Ruth Street, including the very narrow width of the street to work in with large equipment, the complex network of underground services encountered in the street and more recently, the wet weather,” he says.

“The new pipe has now been installed and most properties have been switched over.

“We have started to remove the fences on Ruth Street as the connections occur and we expect this to be finished by Friday July 21”, then they’ll finish reinstating the asphalt by the end of July if the weather stays ok.

Mr Benjamin was happy to hear his street would be finished shortly but hopes Water Corp will expedite the rest of the works so others aren’t inconvenienced.


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