Safety first

THE new Constable Care traffic safety school opened in Mt Lawley this week.

But ironically, the well-attended opening of about 150 car-driving adults and only a handful of kids, copped flak from neighbours who say their streets were clogged with dangerously-parked vehicles.

The safety school aims to teach primary-aged kids about road, bike and pedestrian safety, and incorporates a mini town with roads, traffic lights, railway and pedestrian crossings and even a train station and bus stop.

“The safety school is the very first road and transport safety school of its kind in WA and it is desperately needed,” said Constable Care Child Safety Foundation CEO David Gribble.

• Elsie May Aitken gets some tips on road safety from nana Linda Aitken at the Constable Care Safety School launch. Photo by Steve Grant

“Few people realise that transport-related injuries are one of the leading causes of death amongst young people under the age of 15.”

In a world-first, kids will use iPads with augmented-reality software to encounter hazards on their trip through the town.

Mr Gribble says teachers will be able to assess the students’ success (or otherwise) in negotiating hazards in order to see how they’re fairing.

But locals say the new facility is already creating problems in local roads, complaining the opening had parking backed all the way up Sixth Avenue and spilling onto the local primary school grounds.

“If this becomes an ongoing issue, maybe City of Bayswater could issue local residents parking stickers and erect signage,” suggested one of the members of the Sixth Ave Residents Action Group on its Facebook page.


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