Eating at your desk

THE quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog,” comes to mind every time I see an old fashioned typewriter.

My girls-only class in high school was deemed typing-pool fodder and we hammered out the sentence repeatedly to improve our speed.

Two of the old green machines stared back at me from the top of a display cabinet in The Office, North Perth’s latest funky eatery.

The typewriters may be old school but there’s nothing old fashioned about the menu at this Angove Street eatery, which is refreshingly different, with breakfast dishes mixing and morphing into lunch ones.

Trendy food

Is black pudding about to replace pulled pork as the next trendy food I wondered, as I cast an eye over the pork hock with crumbled black pudding romesco (nut and red pepper sauce) and poached egg on brioche ($21).

Brioche crops up a lot at The Office and accompanies the poached chicken, bacon, and truffle dumplings ($22) and the interesting “duck dog”—duck with pork and fennel sausage, and apple hash ($16).

My foraged mushrooms ($18) also came on brioche.

The fungi had a meaty texture and were moist and delicious, the flavours enhanced by an aioli-style yoghurt dressing with thyme and lemon myrtle, and a sprinkle of mushroom powder.

Fairy dust for food perhaps?

Which would explain my total satisfaction as I mopped up the last morsel.

Not being a fan of poached eggs, I opted for a potato croquette ($5), its hot and crunchy coating concealing a tasty mashed-spud filling.

The helpful waiter was spot-on recommending the carrot cake ($5.50): the huge slice was moist and spicy with a liberal lacing of cranberries for an added sweet zing.

And the coffees?

“Excellent. I’m pedantic about my coffee, and wouldn’t come back if it wasn’t,” a man at the adjoining table said.


The Office on Angove
18 Angove Street,
North Perth
open 7 days,
6150 9123

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