LETTERS 22.7.17

Dummy spit needs response
JOHN Carey’s recent dummy spit under parliamentary privilege about lord mayor Lisa Scaffidi (‘Protection racket’, Voice, July 8, 2017) should not go unanswered.
His claims that it’s all a Liberal party protection racket calls into question whether the ability to mouth off in parliament warrants changing its name from the coward’s castle to the house of hypocrisy.
Mr Carey uses the pejorative term ‘failed candidate’ to describe some City of Perth councillors, forgetting that he himself was a ‘failed candidate’ on Nick Catania’s Vincent ticket in 2007, and that while Vincent mayor his deputy Ros Harley was a failed Labor candidate.
He then goes on to claim that Lisa Scaffidi was protected by the Liberal party.
But from what I read and can see, the huff and puff, confected disgust about Lisa Scaffidi is little more than Labor exaggerating the situation in order to improve the chances of getting one of their own into the job of lord mayor.
The inconvenient truth for John Carey and his fellow travellers is that the State Administrative Tribunal’s report explicitly states that there is no suggestion of any corruption on Lisa Scaffidi’s part, or any attempt to exert improper influence.
Her real ‘crime’ is not filling in the paperwork.
If John Carey is so convinced that Lisa Scaffidi has done something corrupt he should provide the evidence, and say so outside of the protection of parliamentary privilege.
Dudley Maier
(former Vincent councillor)

Running on empty
I WAS interested in the words penned by Cr Brent Fleeton in regards to a council item “will seek opportunities to invest in financial institutions which do not invest or finance the fossil fuel industry, subject to all such investments meeting the risk ratings, favourable returns and diversification limits set out in the Investment Policy” (‘No old fossils on council’, Speaker’s Corner, Voice, July 8, 2017).
Briefly, I would like to state that in this article, there is a misconception of views and many misleading points in exciting the reader with words of ‘extremist green movements’, ‘put the middle finger up to those evil fossil fuel industries’ and a further stated mistruth how “amazing it would be if we have 100 percent renewable energy fuelling our country…”
Sorry but this political grandstanding by the writer is aggressively wrong.
How can someone who works for a state political body and stands as a local councillor have the gall to remonstrate against the free will of the people and its councillors.
In response, no councillor attacked the fossil fuel companies to be extinguished. It was a common sense discussion aimed at a good balance of renewables and fossil fuels.
Maybe state politics knows more than local councillors and must be fearful of a group called 350.org (I’ve never heard of them!)
As for local council stepping out of its parameters!  Well, who is the hypocrite?
You are either employed by a state political body which has your loyalty, or you are a local councillor who wants to do the best in every way for your community.
You choose, as at this time and in my opinion, you are doing the bidding of those beyond the council chambers.
So instead of prattling and accusing good people of political ‘interference’, you might look around and understand that all subjects are intertwined with state politics, whether its plastic bags or hot coals.
We the people, of all political persuasions, have a voice.
Sally Palmer
Bayswater councillor and former
Greens state candidate


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