Hounds of love

TWO pet projects of Labor MP Lisa Baker collided this week when a pack of greyhounds dressed in rainbow clothes swung by her Maylands electoral office.

• Labor MP Lisa Baker gets a visit from greyhound advocates/same-sex marriage supporters at her Maylands office. Photo supplied

The greyhound advocates/same-sex marriage supporters came to Ms Baker to chat with her about improvements to the greyhound racing industry, as it currently results in overbreeding and a lot of dogs being injured during races, or put down because they can’t be rehomed. It’s a venn diagram that’s just about a circle for Ms Baker as she’s campaigned on greyhounds and marriage equality for years: “Greyhound Adoptions WA have been talking with Paul Papalia, minister for racing and gaming, about how the industry might change in the future.” Ms Baker says there’s hope on the horizon for the greyhounds: “We have a minister that’s extremely interested in this issue and very open to suggestions” and there’d be an announcement down the track.

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