Perth bake off

AN old-fashioned village bake-off is in the works for November 11, with Perth MP John Carey saying he’s had a tidal wave of interest since casually floating the idea.

He says whenever he puts a political post on Facebook he’ll get a couple of responses, but when he mentioned we should have a local baking competition he was absolutely swarmed with interest, with a hundred-odd people quickly saying they were in.

“We’ve based the rules on English bake-offs,” he says, and it’s an old tradition that “brings people together…it’s really a celebration of community and linking people together.”

• John Carey, bake-off organiser Alex Castle and cake judge Katrina Fisher from Providore Markets getting ready for the big bake off. Photo

It’s open to anyone in the Perth electorate and there’ll be four categories (best cake, best biscuit or slice, best under-15, and savoury), and there’s a $4 entry fee that goes to the North Perth Local community group for its efforts to improve the town centre.

Mr Carey says he’s a known cake fiend but he’ll get other judges from cooking-related businesses in for the final call: “I won’t be judging, because I’d like to be re-elected in four years time and I know any form of judging could be dangerous”.

It’s at North Perth Town Hall at 3pm and you can enter the bake-off via or by calling Mr Carey’s office on 9227 8040.


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