Historic archive donated

“MR KIMBERLEY” aka Sam Lovell AM has donated his personal archive of photos and memorabilia to the WA State Library.

One of the stolen generation, he was taken from his family in 1936 when he was only three years old.

He grew up working the cattle stations along the Gibb River Road.

When working as a stockman he had an old camera he carried around with him as he travelled the roads.

• A young Sam Lovell.

He’d go on to set up tours through the Kimberley with his wife Rosita, attracting a wider audience to the area.

“I’ve always been between the white and the black, and I’m still there, in the middle, helping both,” he said when handing over the memorabilia on Friday September 30.

Perth MP John Carey told Mr Lovell he was a “living encyclopaedia”. He says his tale is “an important story to tell, one of national significance. There wouldn’t be many people who know our great Kimberley region and the land as well as Sam.

• John Carey (right) and Sam Lovell look at photos he donated to the State Library.

“On top of that, he has contributed greatly to establishing the Indigenous tourism industry which helps creates jobs and boosts the regional economy.”

The state government’s also granted $35,000 to film a documentary at Moola Bulla station to tell the story of Mr Lovell’s early life.

Mr Carey said “there are so many museums and collections about European settlement, but what is important is that we need to keep collecting the stories and histories of Indigenous people in our country”.

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