LETTERS 7.10.17

Driven to distraction
The solution to the problems of Indian Ocean drive is simple.
Place the local engineers of Vincent Council in charge.
In no time at all there will be a plethora of roundabouts, street beautifications, no turn this way, no turn that way and various other innovative traffic measures (oops, nearly forgot dedicated cycle paths) which will reduce the amount of roadway available for actual traffic to the point where a motorised wheelchair on the footpath would be the quickest way to travel.
Tom Goode
Harold St, Mt Lawley

Pining for locals
MY issue is Araucaria heterophylla.
A recent tourist trip down south guided our mob from Dunsborough north to Guilderton. The ongoing scenery was very pleasant and positive. But yes, they were there. Along every ‘entry statement’ , every marine road, every by-road and even along those pretty roads, they were there – Norfolk Pines!
In the local government parks menu, they appear to be the plant of choice satisfying some cultural cringe. The cringe I suspect is to create the look of a temperate maritime environment, possibly reminiscent of our eastern sea board . Manly Beach watch out.
These things, 30m in height offer no value to fauna, they suck up to 1800L of ground water out of our aquifers per day, they are the best lightning rods and when done, cost councils tens of thousands of dollars to remove. Meanwhile they rob residents of views, uplift verges and road surfaces and generally have little aesthetic value.
Local governments over east are now declaring them a weed.
We should embrace our local plants such as Rottnest Island Pine, Tuarts and Rottnest Island Tea Tree as verge trees.
Norfolk Pines have only one place on this earth – Norfolk Island.
Errol Allen

Second opinion
THOUGH this matter might have gone off the boil, it is something that still has currency for any new council, which would be wise to learn from it.
It was a costly matter that continues to have relevance.
I refer to the appeal against the decision by the State Administrative Tribunal in respect of the concrete batching plant.
It was an appeal that ended up costing well in excess of $100,000, an amount that might well have been expended elsewhere.
The stated claim was that the appeal was in the interests of ratepayers whose interests were being served and this should not be challenged.
However, in mounting that appeal the council ignored recommendations from its own officers and legal advice.
Surely a more prudent course of action might have been to seek second or even third legal opinions or advice.
Surely it would have been the cheaper course of action and possibly the wiser.
Vincent J McCudden
Almondbury Street, Bayswater

Congratulations, Tom Goode! You’ve won our letter of the week competition and a $50 lunch voucher from The Terrace Hotel Restaurant, 237 St Georges Terrace.  We’ll be in touch soon. If you would like to be in the running for letter of the week, make sure you email us your ripper at news@perthvoice.com.

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