Bunting bonanza

THE young people living at Foyer Oxford have been busy crafting 350 flags to hang as bunting for the Light Up Leederville Carnival, diverting a huge load of old cloth from landfill.

Foyer Oxford, which provides accommodation for young people who don’t have a stable place to live while they study or work, has had their staff make bunting in previous years, but this time the residents got involved in a big way, and it was so popular they’ve now got more flags than they can use.

• Oxford Foyer staff Megan Baggaley and Olivia Knowles wrapping up Vincent mayor Emma Cole and councillor Joanne Fotakis with the prodigious amount of bunting produced.

Vincent mayor Emma Cole says the bunting project was a good way to get different sections of the community involved and make the festival more than just a one-day event.

Made from old dresses, blouses, and other odds and ends, the bunting will be strung up between the streets at the end of the month in time for the festival.

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