Festival cash push

A CROWDFUNDING campaign’s been launched to try and raise extra cash for the Light Up Leederville Carnival.

City of Vincent kicks in most of the cash ($65,000 was put on this year’s budget) along with a bunch of businesses, and this year’s long table dinner to raise funds on Wednesday is the biggest one yet.

But in a tough economy, organisers are hoping the public can raise $5000 to boost the kitty.

Their crowdfunding page on chuffed.org states, “The carnival is for sure one of the highlights of the year in Perth,” having drawn 65,000 people to the streets with its pop up bars, markets, food, music and rides, “but there’s a problem. In the last two years the economy in WA performed poorly, especially in retail spending, construction, business investment and employment, influencing directly our local traders and communities.

• Jimmy Murphy

“After a tough year in Perth, we want to deliver the best festival ever, and to do that, we need your help.”

Jimmy Murphy from Upbeat Events says “the extra funding will allow us to stage a one-off, fashion-inspired event involving local fashion retailers and to create a ‘family zone’ for younger festival-goers.”

“We want to deliver the best festival ever, and crowdfunding is a good way for the community to help us achieve that.”

The Next Level Festival is like a second mini-youth festival nested in the carnival, with three stages of live music in the all-ages area at HQ, along with a skate competition and food trucks.

They’re offering some rewards for donors like VIP packages, and if you donate $60 you can get “The Royal Flush” reward…which gets one of the portaloos dedicated to you with your name on it.

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