Baysy art reboot

BAYSWATER council’s trying to get better public art in the city by introducing a more flexible per cent for art scheme.

Previously, owners of developments costing more than $1 million had to set aside 1 per cent of the cost to pay an artist to incorporate an artwork on site.

Critics argue this has led to some artworks being shoehorned in solely to satisfy the letter of the policy, with little regard for having the piece in an appropriately artistic context.

The new policy will instead let developers pay that money into a rolling fund that Bayswater council can then use to erect a really speccy piece of art in a public space, where more people can appreciate it.

• This $720,000 public artwork at the old Ross’s Auctioneers and Valuers metal site in Bayswater divided critics. File

Cash pool

Bayswater mayor Dan Bull says “developing and fostering art and culture within our local community is vitally important.

“The ability to express and celebrate our creativity, identity and history is an integral part of our cultural identity.

“In contributing 1 per cent of the cost of new or renovated buildings towards public art, developers are giving something tangible back to the community,” Mr Bull says.

The rolling fund will enable the city to take a proactive and coordinated approach to the delivery of public art in public spaces.

“Artworks will be located in areas all of our residents love to gather, shop and linger—our retail centres.”

“Public art creates a sense of place and expresses the identity of the local area as well as making streets and buildings more easily identifiable.”

Vincent council introduced a similar all-in public art cash pool after a few incidents where developers stuck underwhelming art projects on their buildings.

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