Bombed out

IT took petty vandals just three days to wreck the yarnbombing on trees in Maylands town centre.

Bayswater councillor Catherine Ehrhardt, the city’s placemaker Emma Snow and Creative Maylands’ Kate Thomson had a walking bee recently, installing knitted, rainbow skivvies and polls on some Eighth Avenue trees.

A few days later, three of them had been pulled down.

• Emma Snow, Kate Thomson and Catherine Ehrhardt’s yarnbombing did not last.

“This is why Maylands can’t have nice things,” Cr Ehrhardt told us.

“We have no idea who did it, or why, but it would have been nice for everyone to participate in the joy that a little bit of colour brings.”

Public artworks and buildings in Maylands have also been targeted by paint bombers over the last month.

See “Daub in the vandals” on page three.


One response to “Bombed out

  1. As a resident who walks a lot around our city I am constantly disappointed at the litter, the endless tagging and general vandalism that seems out of control. On my walks I regularly pick up litter and take down stickers and old posters people leave stuck to walls and posts. David Bells article shows a photograph of three ladies obviously proud of their vandalism! Most people don’t want to see it, especially on park benches where the wet yarn makes the bench unusable. Please keep your hobby to yourselves.

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