Daub in vandals

MAYLANDS is being targeted by paint bombers.

Over the last month a public artwork has been vandalised twice and another artwork and three venues were splattered with paint last weekend.

Artist Daek William had just finished fixing up his popular mural at Gemma’s Health and Wellbeing Spa, when it was paint bombed early Sunday morning.

The mural at Rifo’s Cafe, and Mrs S, Mandy’s Deli and Takeaway and the 7th Avenue Bridge were also splattered.

South ward Councillor Catherine Ehrhardt says it’s depressing to see such senseless vandalism.

She was chair of non-for-profit LACE Inc when it donated $2000 towards commissioning artworks for last year’s Maylands Street Festival.

“A month ago artworks done as part of the festival were vandalised,” she says.

“They’d been done as a way to enliven Maylands and get some great pieces of public art around.”

She says it is odd the second round of vandalism occurred exactly one month later.

Another mural in Mount Lawley, by artist Fieldley, was damaged on the same night, one month to the day as well.

• Paint bombing In Maylands: last month (top two images) and last Sunday (bottom two). Photos by Catherine Ehrhardt


“Whether people like the painting or not is subjective, but to wilfully destroy someone else’s hard work is not cool at all,” says Cr Ehrhardt.

She says last month only murals were vandalised, but this time it “seems a bit more mindless”.

“It’s more than just artwork: at Mrs S it was a blank wall,” she sighs.

“It’s random wanton destruction.

“If someone needs a wall to splatter, they should give me a call and I’m sure I can hook them up with one to splatter to their heart’s content,” Cr Ehrhardt said.

William acknowledged the paint bombers when he touched up his work after the first attack, leaving pink highlights where it had been splattered.

A new spattering of yellow has again ruined his mural.

But William says artists shouldn’t be too precious about their public art.

“Just as street artwork is a statement, this is someone’s way of their statement,” he says.

“This doesn’t bother me, it’s just some paint.”

The artist says he thinks more vandalism could occur now it has captured the community’s attention.

“Giving it attention is that they want, so I guess it’s working,” he says.

CCTV may have captured two of the incidents, but Cr Ehrhardt says because most of the paint bombings happened on private property, the owners need to file police reports to help council catch the vandals.


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