Small bin cash back

Vincent residents can now get a $40 cash back on their rates if they swap to a smaller bin as part of the city’s waste reduction trial. Vincent mayor Emma Cole says they want to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

• Simone Sigismonde and Emma Cole show off the new smaller bin, with a little help from Vincent staffer John Kirby. Photo by Steve Grant

“We are encouraging residents to reduce waste and save,” she says. “This key 2017/18 budget initiative delivers a one-off $40 cash back to residents who are willing to take up the waste challenge by swapping their big 240L bin to a smaller 140L bin. What we do with our waste today will impact our generation and our future generations. Sadly the amount of waste we produce is growing, with 52 megatonnes generated a year in Australia, according to ABC’s War on Waste.”

Currently the minibin trial’s just for owner-occupiers of single dwellings, and not for strata units. If you’re a homeowner in Vincent and want to sign up for the minibin trial, give them a call on 9273 6000 or head to

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