Free music pass

LOCAL musicians will gather at the Royal Perth Hospital overpass to put on free shows for another season of Music on the Bridge.

Launched in November 2015, the lunchtime shows give patients, hospital staff, and lucky pedestrians walking by, a musical treat.

The shows were the brainchild of junior doctors Stephanie Sim, James Chen, Thomas Kozak, and Vipin Balachandran, who teamed up with WAAPA jazz guitarist Minky Gardner.

“We have lots of people coming up and enjoying it,” Dr Sim says.

“The bridge is quite a busy thoroughfare: we have lots of people just being wheeled past that get to have a bit of music on the way to their x-ray to brighten up their day.

• Freya Swarbrick on violin, Joanna Wolny on cello and Cristina Filgueira on viola. Photo supplied

“A lot of staff know about it now and they’ll come and sit during their lunchtime and listen to it.”

Last year they received a donation of a Ritmuller upright piano, which is now on the bridge permanently.

They’ve had random wanderers come up to play it, and recently staff were treated to a 5am performance of Chopin’s Fantaisie Impromptu by a doctor, until their pager went off and they had to rush back to work.

Dr Lim says the security guards never know whether someone wandering up to the piano is going to give them a David Helfgott performance, or just nick the pseudo-velvet piano cover (again).

“It can be a nuisance sometimes! But there’s more benefits than detriments.”

Music on the Bridge summer season starts December 2, every Thursday at 12.30pm to 1.30pm, and runs for 10 weeks.


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