A roaring success

MY interview with Sophie Hopes began with an in-depth analysis of Japanese Green Tea.

Not exactly an orthodox topic for an up-and-coming rockstar, but then again, the lead singer/guitarist of Tired Lion is no ordinary muso.

The Voice caught up with her during a period of limbo, as she enjoyed a well-earned break from life on tour.

• Sophie Hopes

Community concert

“Tired Lion is a fly-in, fly-out job for us,” she says.

“It’s good to have a break to remind us why we play music”.

But this break will have to end eventually, as being Triple J Unearthed’s 2015 band of the year and WAMA’s 2015 and 2016 Rock Band of the Year, means Tired Lion is in high demand.

Hopes and the rest of the band are about to embark on their Dumb Days regional tour, with three gigs in WA, including the special 6006 in the Park in Woodville Reserve, North Perth on January 28.

The free, community concert, will also feature Felicity Groom, the Rick Steele Band and Spacey Jane, and a welcome to country ceremony by Whudjuk traditional owner Matthew McGuire.

The gig is run by volunteers and part of a bigger plan to make the North Perth precinct more vibrant.

6006 is a homecoming of sorts for Tired Lion, as they all live in North Perth, but Hopes says she is also looking forward to playing the gigs in regional WA.

“It’s unfair that these places miss out on having bands come through,” she says.

“It’s important that these shows do continue.

“I was brought up in Mildura: imagine as a teen not being able to see live music, or just seeing cover bands”.

• Tired Lion. Photo by Matsu

Tired Lion have played some massive shows over the years, including Splendour in the Grass in 2015, and Glastonbury in 2016, but despite the success, Hopes refuses to get carried away.

She describes herself as an introvert, who often experiences anxiety when faced with large crowds of people.

It’s an interesting trait for a front-woman of a rock band, but Hopes thinks stage fright in the industry is more common than people think.

“Quite a lot of musicians feel the same as me,” she says.

“It’s not necessarily a feeling limited to just being on stage either, I often feel stressed in situations with lots of people around me.

“I just need my own space sometimes”.

Despite Tired Lion’s critical success, Hopes says Perth’s isolated location makes it hard for them to make money on tours over East.

“All of the band members have to have separate jobs unfortunately,” she says.

“I’m unemployed at the moment actually.

“You know anyone hiring?”


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