Chickpea Heaven

IN hummus we trust” is the quirky motto of The Hummus Club in Northbridge.

And after the first mouthful, I was singing “Hallelujah, I’m a born again devotee”.

In the middle of a thick collar of the smoothest, and most flavoursome hummus I’ve had, was a glistening mound of pan- fried mushrooms ($18).

Ripping chunks from the locally-made Iraqi flat bread, my old friend Moya and I hoed in.

A couple of people at a nearby table were doing the same with a beef version.

“Wonderfully spicy and tender,” they enthused.

Restaurant owner Ziad Zammar was hard pushed to explain exactly why his mushrooms tasted so good.

“I think it’s the spiciness and the onion and garlic combination…pan fried…It has a sweetness.”

Zammar, an engineer, and wife Kaitlin, a pharmacist, crowd funded last year to raise the money to open the Lebanese restaurant, quitting their jobs to follow a dream.

“Our food is locally sourced,” Zammar says. “Our ethos is WA or Middle East.”

Moya and I also ordered a roasted cauliflower ($22) and a samke harra ($28).

Our eyes were out on stalks when half a cauli appeared, crusted in date jam, caramelised onion, sultanas, pine nuts and tahini, and liberally sprinkled with fresh pomegranate seeds.

Still crunchy, it had a pleasant burnt taste that was complemented by the fantastic blend of toppings.

The samke harra (spicy fish) was drizzled in lemon, with garlic and Middle Eastern spices.

The fish had crispy skin and tender flesh and was topped with a really good tahini sauce, and scattered with shredded parsley and sliced, raw red onion.

In a sea of international eateries, The Hummus Club is a stand out, and only a short stroll from the State Theatre.


The Hummus Club
258 William Street, Northbridge
9227 8215

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