Funky fusion

BALI resort and garage grunge combine in delicious harmony at Chinta Cafe in North Perth.

The old inspection pit is surrounded by a communal bench seating, and there’s plenty of raw brick work, corrugated iron, and steel girders to enhance the urban funk atmosphere.

Next door is furnished like a resort, with colourful umbrellas, a huge pond and palms and banana trees in large pots.

Honey glaze

The couple next to me at the bench were chowing down on a steak sarnie ($25) and a vegan bruschetta ($22)—proving opposites do attract.

There was a time eating alone seemed sad and lonely, but now I relish it, and enjoy the chance to quiz perfect strangers on their meals.

“It’s great,” said the woman eating the veggie bruschetta.

“Yeah, good,” her bloke said, tucking into a bun crammed with moist sirloin steak, cucumber kimchi, caramelised onion and swiss cheese.

I was planning to have fish for dinner, so opted for the vegetarian version of Chinta’s noodles, rather than the tempura fish of the day ($27).

They flew out of the kitchen and were beautifully presented, tasting as good as they looked.

The tofu had a lovely honey glaze and the noodles were perfectly cooked, with a spicy zing and delicious oiliness.

Having eaten in pleasant solitude, it was time to check out the sweets cabinet, although I was pretty sure I was having the fig date cake.

It came with ice cream, and the dried figs topping the massive slice of cake were plump and moist, and so good I wondered why I’ve never tried the combo before.

The cake was so moist it verged on pudding, and had a sweet-spicy flavour, complemented by my cup of earl grey.

My neighbours reckon the coffee is good too, and there’s a choice of soy, almond and coconut milk for vegans.

Chinta’s service was spot on, and it was heartening to see the eatery using paper straws, instead of plastic ones.


Chinta Cafe
29 Scarborough Beach Road,
North Perth
9444 7939
open 7 days breakfast and lunch

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