LETTERS 23.12.17

• You can give ‘em all the warnings possible, but it seems some truckies need new specs, with two taking chunks out of the Bayswater rail bridge this week.

Bayswater 1 Vincent 0
AFTER criticising the city of Vincent in the past on their stalling tactics in renewing the lease and helping the multi cultural association in Farmer Street, North Perth—I must now thank them.
The centre, run by Home and Community Care Services, now has a new home in Morley (which they now own).
After being “run out of town” by Vincent, with all their sitting on their hands and procrastinating over so many years in regard to decisions (obviously for their own hidden agenda), the multicultural centre is packing up their elderly, who are no longer wanted by Vincent, and all their staff and vehicles and moving to Morley.
How fantastic it was to hear from lord mayor Dan of Bayswater at the Christmas party (who, by the way, actually stayed well after he made such a positive speech, instead of racing off as past representatives of Vincent council would do).
What a difference and attitude this mayor showed when it came to assisting the needs of the elderly and this wonderful multicultural association.
Bayswater you have a fantastic pro-active young mayor there, and he even changed some of my misgivings on local government.
It seems sometimes things work out well in the end, despite the rotten deeds of some.
Larry Arrigoni
Loftus Street, North Perth

As easy as…
IT has never been more apparent to me how out of touch our national broadcaster the ABC has become when a music teacher told me recently she is reliant on material the ABC stopped producing over five years ago because she has no other adequate resources available to her.
The cancellation of educational programs by the ABC is a tragedy, especially for our young, their parents and teachers.
The ABC now dishes out “pap” to our kids and endorses the confidence trick of our politicians and their parties that we are a democracy when we only have the constitutional right to elect representatives to our parliament/s.
Give us back an ABC that is relevant to our values and enforce the statute governing their accuracy and impartiality by having complaints handled and enforced by an independent body with the further option of legal redress!
Gordon Westwood,
Coode Street, Maylands

ANYONE with an ounce of compassion would have been horrified to see the footage of the bull who suffered catastrophic injuries in the rodeo at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre last week as he bucked and then twisted and fell as his hind leg snapped.
But what happened isn’t unusual in an industry where abusive treatment is standard practice in order to guarantee that the paying public see some “action”.
Bulls are shocked with electric prods, viciously kicked and violently slammed into the ground and the spurs and bucking straps cinched around their abdomens cause these frightened and often docile animals to buck in a desperate attempt to escape.
Extensive bruising and internal injuries are common, and necks, backs and leg bones are often shattered.
We do not live in the Wild West and we should not be tolerating cruelty as a deranged form of amusement.
As long as what the RSPCA calls “a legalised form of cruelty” continues, Australia will be known to the rest of the world not just as “down under” but as downright backwards.
Desmond Bellamy, special
projects coordinator
PETA Australia

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