A shoe in

AN email from theatre company Squid Vicious arrived as I was thinking about my lunch at The Blacksmith cafe.

The Perth/Singapore production company boasts its GodeatGod show, “serves diverse morsels of contemporary performance on a platter”.

Perhaps it’s returning to an avalanche of Fringe Festival press releases after two weeks off, but it seemed an aligning of the gods, as I had just eaten squid at The Blacksmith.

It was the salt and pepper variety ($18): a row of tender, crispy morsels on a bed of pearl cous cous, which was a great accompaniment with cooling mint, dried/fried onion flakes and an assortment of spices.

A stranger at the next table didn’t blink when I asked to photograph his beef burger ($20).

The brioche bun, with chilli jam, egg, bacon and cheese, was topped with a skewer of golden onion rings.

It was “really good”, the man said clearly, more interested in eating than talking.

I finished my meal with a long black iced coffee and lemon tart ($6), a deliciously sharp dessert with a hint of sweetness, which complemented the icy cold coffee.

The Blacksmith is co-owned by brother and sister Angela and Michael Ng, who refitted the former vet practice just over a year ago, adding a huge outdoor area with a sandpit and colourful toys.

It’s been a real hit with mums, Angela says.

“It’s the only one in the area where mums can relax and have a coffee.”

The interior has an industrial grunge theme, with massive beaten copper tables and plenty of heavy metal fittings, and shabby-chic polished concrete floors.

The food is made in-house and Blacksmith source many of their ingredients from WA producers.

But real pride of place is the coffee in their “brew bar”, Angela says, especially their “pour over coffee”, where hot water is manually poured over freshly ground beans in a filter.

It’s popular with coffee enthusiasts, as it lets you to control factors such as taste and strength better than other brewing methods.

The menu is not huge, but along with an all-day breakfast, chicken kaarage ($16) and a very impressive looking salmon benedict ($20), lunch includes chicken salad ($18) and slow braised pork belly ($29).


The Blacksmith
460 Beaufort Street, Highgate
6113 8684
open Tues–Sun 7am–3.30pm

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