Baysy cat study

ATTENTION—cats wanted!

The University of South Australia is looking for 40 pet cats in Bayswater to be fitted with GPS tracking collars as part of a nationwide study.

Previous research by the university found cats had five main personality types: skittish, outgoing, dominant, spontaneous and friendly, and they want to compare personalities to cats’ roaming patterns.

Bayswater mayor Dan Bull says it’s the only WA council participating in the trial, which will track 1400 cats across the nation.

“We want to be at the forefront of educating residents on responsible pet ownership,” he says.

“The GPS will tell us and residents how far their cats are travelling: if they’re crossing busy roads and if they’re spending time in local wetland and bushland areas.

“The information collected helps owners understand their cat’s movements and keep animals safe from harm.”

Previous research by the university of SA found cats roam far further than their owners expected—some covering territories the size of 30 rugby fields—and that moggies are often outside when owners think they’re fast asleep at home.

The research also found indoor cats tended to be friendlier.

Head to if you want to volunteer your cat for the trial.


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