New year, same old…

IT’S a new record for Bayswater Bridge with two trucks running into it in a single day.

Perth drivers only made it two weeks into the new year before driving into the bridge, with a truck peeling its top off just after noon on January 15.

• Brad Serls took these photos of the second truck to hit Bayswater bridge in one day.

Before the end of the day another truck would strike the adamantine bridge around 5pm, marking the first twofer recorded on Simon Vin’s Baysy bridge crash website.

Four trucks hit the bridge in December on the 6th, 18th, 20th, and 29th.

There are three signs warning of the King William Street underpass’s 3.8m height limit, but while they’re obvious approaching head on, you only get a last minute warning if you come around the corner from Whatley Crescent.

Residents’ and business owners’ group, Future Bayswater, want to sink the railway station, and Federal Labor was going to pledge $1 million for a structure plan to look into that if they won the last election—but they didn’t.


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