LETTERS 10.3.18

Uber hip, but can you get round Vincent?
I APPLAUD Vincent Council’s move to eliminate fees and speed up the approval process for cafes and restaurants wishing to provide alfresco areas outside their premises (“Alfastco”, Voice, February 24, 2018).
I do however wish that the council would enforce its requirement that seating in these areas is restricted to a set distance out onto the footpath, a requirement usually marked by brass plaques.
Many of these businesses ignore this requirement, making it difficult for pedestrians to negotiate the footpath. Other times they don’t bother reining in the chairs when customers push them out into the public realm.
Greens & Co in Oxford Street can be particularly difficult to negotiate, with seats often spilling out well over half the footpath.
The large numbers of pedestrians in this area means it is often necessary to step out onto the road surface to get past.
Reminds me of that old truism; give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.
Please Vincent, enforce your own regulations.
Alan Stobie
Tennyson Street, Leederville

We are not a democracy
IF anyone thinks democracy will prevail against the tyrannical laws enacted by our governments (“Charities lose, corporations win”, Voice mail, February 24, 2018), then maybe we are also bullet proofed by draping ourselves with the Australian flag emblazoned with the crosses of three Christian saints.
We are not a democracy. We have been duped into believing we are one when in reality it is a monumental confidence trick for political gain.
We are thus conditioned to readily accept as a democracy an Australian republic, in the event of one, favoured by the Australian Republic Movement and our politicians where a not-popularly-elected prime minister, without the formality of undemocratic royal assent, is given the power to appoint (and sack) a puppet president instead of a governor general.
Former prime minister Gough Whitlam would be having rather messy erotic dreams at the prospect of the sacking bit.
The Indians are erroneously led to believe they are a democracy where their parliament appoints a president and they do not democratically elect one by their popular vote.
Since before the penal settlement of Australia in 1788 the British parliament won parliamentary freedom against dissolution by the crown which gives us a constitutional monarchy and the Westminster system of government.
This in no way makes us a democracy because we still have a monarch, the queen, as head-of-state.
Appropriately, her home is the United Kingdom of Great Britain, not the United Democracy.
There are those who have it that monarchy and democracy are made one by a holy “twinity”—at some undetermined time.
From parliamentary freedom (re)interpreted as parliamentary democracy and then falsely into a full blown democracy with a monarch, no less!
Our history has been rewritten by frauds and our national broadcaster, which in its ABC education series on our government has Annabel Crabb stating, at the end of the last one on the senate, that we are a democracy.
Our young are also then being deceived and brainwashed. These zealots cannot help themselves.
The ABC cannot even be impartial by law let alone accurate because no one polices and enforces the law except the ABC itself. That in itself is tyranny. Media Watch blows!
We have a queen as head-of-state by undemocratic royal succession as head-of-state who is also a prelate. A democracy has neither.
We only have discretionary constitutional rights under a monarch and her presence in any capacity denies us democratic ones.
Gordon Westwood
Coode St, Maylands

Make the right call, Michelle
THE WA minister for road safety and police, Michelle Roberts, seems to be sitting on her hands in regards to implementing changes to the use of mobile phones by drivers.
As has been said previously, there have been calls by the former police commissioner, the public and all concerned about the increasing use of mobile phones while driving.
Our minister for road safety is waiting for the road safety council to make a recommendation for her before she will act. Talk about not doing her job.
While we wait for the non-elected RSC to make a recommendation, there is more and more crashes, injuries, etc on our roads.
Since bans are in place in other states and territories, would it be that difficult for our minister to implement changes now.
Common sense says if it’s working in other states then there is no reason for it not to work here.
Mark McGowan should find someone else to be our minister for road safety and police, because the current minister is missing and not doing her job.
Steven Cruden
Witts Lane, Kwinana

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