Millennial perspective

THEY’VE known nothing but “the future”, so the latest Year 12 Perspective’s exhibition will be an interesting look into how WA’s Millennials want to engage us, says WA Art Gallery curator Dunja Rmandic.

“It is worth keeping in mind that many students completing year 12 this year would have been born in the year 2000,” says Ms Rmandic.

“Their entire lives have been lived in what was for earlier generations the future – exemplified by the show Beyond 2000, the Y2K bug scare and sold-out time capsules to mark the end of the 20th century.

• Swan Christian College student Grace Hogan’s clay scratchboard titled Four places, one face, is at the new Year 
 Perspectives exhibition.

“Their native sphere of engagement is the internet, social media and instant accessibility.”

This year 55 works from high school graduates across WA will be hung at the gallery from March 17 through to July 16.

Prominent themes in this year’s exhibition include family, multiculturalism, history and our place in it, international politics and human impact on nature.

There’s an opportunity for viewers to vote for their favourite piece, but the official judges include art teachers association president Leith Elliott, artist Nathan Beard and Ms Rmandic.

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