An Extraordinary Adventure

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre and the Western Australian Museum are excited to present the world premiere of Tom Vickers and the Extraordinary Adventure of his Missing Sock at the WA Shipwrecks Museum Fremantle from 14-29 April; the Museum of Geraldton from 10-13 May and the Museum of the Great Southern in Albany from 1-4 June 2018.

Involving 10 performers and 19 installations, the production invites audiences to go on a “choose your own adventure” as they explore different story lines through mysterious objects, curated artefacts and performance installations that are all connected to an event in 1914 on a battlefield on the Western Front.

Photo by Matt Sav

Artistic Director of Spare Parts Philip Mitchell said that the show is a rich tapestry of personal stories about the interconnected lives of people over the last 100 years and is intended to reveal how small acts of kindness can change the world.

“We all have the power to create positive change and everyday acts of kindness can have great impact over time. Audiences can expect a totally unique immersive and interactive experience,” says Mr Mitchell.

Tickets are extremely limited. For bookings and session times visit


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