Shoot from the hip

THE STEMS are one of those seminal 80s Perth bands that are still loved around the world.

The alt-rockers made their live debut in 1984, alongside The Triffids and The Saints, and over three decades later they remain a must-see act for music lovers.

The Stems celebrated the 30th anniversary of their debut album At First Sight Violets Are Blue with a national tour last year, and are about to play a series of dates in Europe.

Before they head off they will play a special gig at The Rosemount Hotel on Sunday April 15, marking the reissue of At First Sight … on vinyl.

Stems frontman Dom Mariani will be joined by original members Julian Matthews and Dave Shaw, and You Am I’s Davey Lane.

An architectural designer by day, Mariani still loves playing his “guitar pop” to audiences across the globe.

• The Stems will play The Rosemount Hotel on April 15. Photo supplied

European tour

“Its great for us, we get to go there and meet these people and it just keeps your whole interest in playing music alive,” he told the Voice.

“It’s a bit like sport: you’re going out there for that period of time and you’re in a zone.”

The band’s three-week European tour, which includes performances in Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK, is testament to their enduring popularity.

“It’s great people still want to hear the songs being played,” Mariani says.

“Our sound seemed to hit a spot with the Europeans and Americans. The 80s was a very fertile period for Australian music.”

Mariani said The Stems were different to most of the local bands in the 80s.

“We were breaking the mould of what was going on in Perth,” he says.

“Perth had these massive cover bands at these big venues, but there were a few places in Perth like the Old Melbourne, The Shenton Park and The Red Parrot that would have bands like The Stems and The Triffids”.


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