Dinner faux pas

THE Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority has apologised to people who missed buses and trains in Perth on Saturday night after it closed off parts of Yagan Square for a swanky private dinner.

People who use the square as a shortcut to Perth Busport and train station were met with detours signs funnelling them down streets after the MRA shut down a section of the square for Diner en Blanc, an exclusive “chic picnic”.

Frederick Subere-Albawy, a regular visitor of Yagan Square, says it was a “mismanagement” of the space.

He made his connecting bus despite the detour, but saw others that didn’t.

“On Saturday afternoon/night this public space and thoroughfare was, with no advance notice, blocked off for an exclusive event, delaying and inconveniencing the travelling public,” he wrote in a complaint to the MRA.

• Dinner en Blanc at Yagan Square in Perth’s CBD.

“As someone who was effected by this event, I would like to see more insight into the decision-making process that approved at such short notice such a disruptive event, in what was designed as a public space for the whole of Perth.”

An MRA spokesperson confirmed they had received a dozen complaints about public access to Yagan Square during Diner en Blanc.

“Detours were put in place for passengers accessing Perth Busport and train station which were communicated in advance,” they said.

“However, the MRA will take on board public feedback to improve signage and public communications for events.

“As with the Perth Cultural Centre and Elizabeth Quay, the MRA will continue to harness public feedback and lessons learned from events for future programming.

“The MRA apologises for any inconvenience caused.”

Diner en Blanc guests wait at meeting points across the metropolitan area, “conducting themselves with the greatest decorum, elegance, and etiquette”, before travelling by bus and train to a secret location to eat. The event is held in 70 cities worldwide and 2500 people dressed in white attended the Perth nosh-up at Yagan Square.


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