Policy fall-out

AFTER 23 years there isn’t a single dog-eared page to indicate it’s ever been wielded in anger, but Vincent council’s Nuclear Free Zone policy only just escaped the axe last week.

The policy was adopted under Vincent’s first mayor Jack Marks in 1995, with the fledgling municipality striving to establish its “progressive” cred after being hived off from Perth, but as current CEO Len Kosova noted at this month’s council meeting, it was was an unenforcible ornament.

The council’s admin wanted to do away with the policy as part of a broad review of its corporate services, arguing that the city’s nuclear-free status would survive courtesy of the 1995 resolution that ushered in the policy.

But councillor Ros Harley leapt to the policy’s defence.

“I know it would not be enforceable but the policy was bought in for a reason: because Vincent was new and progressive, and we still are,” Cr Harley argued.

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