Nice farewell

WITH marriage equality now the law of the land and couples able to marry regardless of sex, Vincent council has discontinued its relationship declaration register.

Perth MP John Carey proposed the idea when he was a Vincent councillor in 2012, saying that if the federal government wasn’t going to get on with legalising marriage equality then local government would do what it could.

The intention was to give couples an official certificate to formally prove their relationship, and in the first two years 100 couples signed up.


Mr Carey said this week “my view has always been that council can do rubbish, roads and parks, but it can also work on issues of concern to the community. Our inner-city community was strongly supportive of marriage equality, and until the federal government caught up the relationship register was the way to go.”

It took nearly six years and an expensive plebiscite (during which Vincent flew the rainbow flag outside council chambers in support), but the register has finally been made obsolete when sex marriage became legal in December.

Vincent deputy mayor Susan Gontaszewski said “the City strongly supports marriage equality as expressed through our Vincent Loves Love campaign late last year. We are delighted that the need for our register and supporting policy has been superseded and the Marriage Act changed to recognise same sex relationships”. The existing register will be kept in perpetuity, but if things didn’t work out you can request to have your name removed.


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