Olive branch snapped

A DAY care centre for the elderly could be turned into townhouses as Bayswater pulls the plug on its Home and Community Care Program.

Since 2004, Olive Tree House in Morley has been providing in-home food services, social activities, and transport and domestic assistance to the elderly.

The facility hosts cooking classes and workshops, and has an outdoor area for social events.

Seniors who use the services at Olive Tree will be transferred to Umbrella Community Care, or will have to find another provider, when the centre closes its doors in June.

Federal funding

The council decided its HACC services were not viable last year, following aged care reforms that meant federal funding was no longer guaranteed.

The house’s zoning means council could lease the facility to a community organisation or it could be used for residential or retail.

City officer’s have recommended granting a short-term lease to a local community group. Another option is to demolish the adjacent Morley Senior Citizen’s Centre and relocate it to Olive Tree House.

The city has other senior citizen centres in Morley and Bayswater, but none offer the HACC services provided by Olive Tree House.

Council will vote on the future of the day care centre at Tuesday night’s full council meeting.


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