LETTERS 28.4.18

Dutton: he’s no dud
I WAS astonished that the letter “Dutton’s a dud” (Voice, April 14, 2018) could be published as it contains a lot of fake news about immigration.
Let me point out:
• In relation to allegations of news suppression by the government: The writer should be aware that there is never a day when the ABC or SBS or Radio National do not allude to the position of asylum seekers and refugees. So the question of news blackout is incorrect.
• One can hardly call the present ANC-inspired government of South Africa as right wing.
• Value systems are always in a slow process of change and to delusionally call our whole system as a moral morass is wildly inaccurate and false. Yes we have problems, but name me a country which does not, and yes we have to confront and address them, but this is part of living. There is no such thing as utopia.
The fact remains that it is because of people like this letter writer—who seems to think that anybody has a God-given right to illegally migrate to any country—that we are in danger of creating a pool of people who will in due course be marginalised.
This is what happens when people languish around as their legal status waits to be determined; a process which may take years.
Even in a country like Switzerland they have had to take drastic measures to make sure illegal migrants are processed as quickly as possible and it usually ends in a quick deportation.
Illegal migration is an age-old problem and the only way to address it is to have strict and tight border controls.
One cannot call home affairs minister Peter Dutton a “dud”: He should be praised for what he is trying to do, especially in quite difficult circumstances, with obstructions from the Greens, Labor and the tiny vocal inner-city latte sipping opinionistas.
Sasha Verma
Beaufort Street, Perth

Just praying
To the lefties: Regarding the comments you made about the Perth crowd in support of South African Farmers.
You said it looked like they were doing a Nazi salute. So the left accused the crowd in Perth of being Nazis and doing a Nazi salute? Ha! You gooses! They were NOT saluting – they were PRAYING! That is the way many believers in God pray. It is spoken of in the Psalms many times to praise and cry out to God in prayer with arms lifted up towards heaven.
The left are like children in their tactics and name calling.
Gill Payne
via perthvoiceinteractive.com

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