Family wants mauler muzzled

THE owners of a tiny dog named Speedy who was mauled by a husky/Alsatian cross at Woodville Reserve want the mutt muzzled.

On Thursday April 26, Fiona Robinson and her kids were walking their four-year-old papillion near the kids play area when it was attacked by the dog, which was on a lead but still too strong for its walker to control.

Following the attack the man quickly left with his dog.

At first the Robinsons didn’t realise how badly Speedy was hurt, but he quickly went down hill and they rushed him to a vet on Walcott Street who saved his life.

• A very forlorn-looking Speedy after being mauled at Woodville Reserve.

“He was in a critical condition with a punctured lung, broken ribs, torn lung cavity and internal bleeding,” Brett Robinson told the Voice.

They’ve reported the incident to Vincent council rangers to investigate, but the dog wasn’t one of the regulars down at the park.

The Voice understands the person walking the dog was not the owner, and Mr Robinson says he’s hoping to “reach out to the owner or associated friends to ensure the dog is muzzled in future. Additionally to create awareness in the community to this hazard and to be cautious around unfamiliar dogs.”

He says he also hopes for “the very slim possibility the owner will come forward to support the bills induced by their dog…we have a very distraught young family and a vet bill presently sitting at $2000.”

If you’re the owner of the husky/Alsatian cross please get in touch with us on 9430 7727 and we’ll put you in touch with the Robinsons.


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