LETTERS: 12.5.18

No way to run a modern city 
I READ with disgust, but not surprise, of departing City of Vincent CEO Len Kosova’s banning of the Claise Brook River Catchment Group from their long-running role of supervising the city’s popular native plant sale they initiated many years ago.
And all on account of hearsay that CBRCG member Dudley Maier had expressed “negative” views to community members on the way the city is being run.
It seems that Mr Kosova did not bother to check the facts by speaking to Mr Maier, which makes his actions based on unsubstantial tittle-tattle, which is no way to run a large, modern organisation like the City of Vincent.
I endorse Mr Maier’s call for the council to officially censure Mr Kosova.
Hopefully the council is big enough to do the right thing here, including reinstating the CBRCG’s supervisory role at the plant sales, and Dudley and partner Sally Lake’s roles in judging the history awards.
I watch on in hope.
Ross Buncle
Mount Hawthorn
The Ed says: This letter has been edited for legal reasons.

Let’s vote!
I THINK it is high time we had the democratic right to popularly elect our state governor.
If Kim Beasley stood as a candidate for governor, instead of being patronisingly and undemocratically appointed as a mere ceremonial one, I might vote for him.
But I would definitely vote for a candidate of a different political persuasion to be his deputy.
In the unlikely event of Kim and my choice of deputy winning—Kim, don’t leave town and leave your deputy in charge.
Gordon Westwood
Coode Street, Maylands

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